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Ok everyone... here it is... the Character List for Footloose.  Take some time to read over it, think about the roles you would like to audition for. Keep in mind that it would be very wise to have more than one role in consideration when preparing for your audition. There are around 60 roles in this production.  Don't be afraid to come audition!!  Give it a try.... see what happens.

Lead Roles
Ren McCormack     -     Teenage boy from Chicago, falls for Ariel
Ariel Moore           -     Teenage girl from Bomont, falls for Ren
Rev. Shaw Moore   -     Minister of Bomont, Ariel's father
Rusty (Female)      -     Ariel's Best Friend
Willard Hewitt        -     Country boy who becomes Ren's best friend
Principal Singing Roles
Ethel McCormack        -     Ren's Mother
Vi Moore                   -     Ren's Aunt
Urleen                      -      Ariel's friend
Wendy Jo                  -     Ariel's friend
Chuck Cranston          -     Ariel's boyfriend
Lyle                         -      Chuck's buddy
Travis                      -      Chuck's buddy
Jeter                        -     Ren's friend
Bickle                       -      Ren's friend
Garvin                       -     Ren's friend
Cowboy Bob               -     Lead vocalist at the town Bar-B-Que
Principal Non-singing Roles
Lulu Warnicker          -     Ren's Aunt
Wes Warnicker          -     Ren's Uncle-in-Law
Coach Roger Dunbar    -    Bomont High School Gym Coach
Eleanor Dunbar         -      Coach Dunbar's Wife
Betty Blast              -     Owner of The Burger Blast
Principal Harry Clark   -     Bomont High School Principal
Cop                        -     Officer of Bomont PD
Bomont High School Students   -   6 roles available
Bomont Towns People             -    8 roles available
Bomont Towns Children           -   4 roles available
Burger Blast Boys                   -    3 male roles
There are 12 roles available for dancers.  The dance company will be expected to do high speed and challenging choreography throughout the production.  These roles will not sing nor have any lines.  You do not have to audition for any other role if you wish to be a dancer only!

"If you can dream it, you can do it!" ~ Walt Disney
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